The characters

It has taken almost a year’s work of the Metamorfosi Lab and of designers and artists of international experience, communicators, leaders, educators and young people to create new characters to be entrusted with the mission of “pleasing” contemporary audiences of all ages, to become trustworthy, and act as ambassadors of a regenerated Pinocchio and as metaphors of Civic Games, European citizenship and rights of children.

Their role will be the basis of a new imprint, able to continue the legend of Pinocchio and Carlo Lorenzini that, in 240 worldwide editions has risen to the glories of the most read and most translated non-religious book in the world.

We have Cricket as a semi-robot with solar panels instead of wings, a tablet that replaces the old sheets of notes, Geppetto – with a toupee and a yardstick tattooed on his arm, the Blue Fairy with wings tattooed on her back, Mangiafuoco and his many faces – kindness and anger emerge from the fire of the stage design, and from the Bad Boy and I love Mama tattoos, the wicked Fox – an ivory stick with a skull handle, the sly Cat – a jug full of wine and his consequent negative behaviours, to be used as the image of what is bad that has not to be taken seriously.

And what about Pinocchio? He looks as a child from the very beginning, even if made of wood. His metamorphosis will occur in everyday behaviours, as, being a child among children, he will try his best to be a stimulus and example to become the protagonist of today’s world, where reality surpasses imagination, where good examples are needed to rediscover values and good feelings.

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