The Great Park 2020

The Great Park and the new Pinocchio of the third millennium

Metamorfosi started in 2014 the creation of the Great Park of Pinocchio in Collodi. At first, it secured access to the location (60 hectares), and the Tuscany Region with the approval of the Plan on territorial landscape, which occurred on 27 March 2015, permitted its feasibility.

The Great Park will be aimed at families, enhancing the beautiful natural environment in which it will be located, and will have as its primary objective to convey strong emotions to visitors. It will be highly spectacular with a look to the past but projected into the future.

The development of the trail is based on seven historic villages of the nineteenth century, contemporary with Carlo Lorenzini and completely rebuilt, where the story will come alive. Their complete integration with the surrounding environment will make visitors appreciate the project’s innovation and creativity, so that they will feel strong emotions, surrounded by colours, smells and sounds that will make them sink in the magical world of Pinocchio. An actual immersion in the book where, however, be careful not to be swallowed by the shark.

The Great Park will have a strong educational value with great attention to schools.

Following innovative design methodologies, in order to respect as much as possible the territory and the environment, Metamorfosi has now developed a master plan based on an analysis of the cognitive framework, which has affected different design choices and that, through its ongoing study, still affects the stages leading to the final drafting of the executive project.

The great Park will have as cultural and historical partner the National Carlo Collodi Foundation, offering visitors the possibility to appreciate the works of Greco, Venturi, Consagra, Zanuso in the Historical Park, before bringing them to immerse themselves in the fantastic reality between history and augmented reality, suspended between 1881 and the future.

Masterplan of the Great Park of Pinocchio
and satellite photos (right)
of its location.