The Road show

Pinocchio as new ambassador of Italy, ready to conquest a new world

The public test waiting for the Great Park. We will bring a transformed Pinocchio to tourist cities in Italy and around the world with the help of spectacular technology and revisited content, making Carlo Lorenzini’s message up-to-date, and creating a chemistry between the new characters and children of all ages.

It is magic, as the atmosphere we have created. The world’s attention is on Italy until the end of October because of EXPO 2015; it will continue soon after it, and until the end of 2016 for the Great Jubilee. Tens of millions of visitors and media attention create the opportunity for the internationalization of Pinocchio in the third millennium, which will lead to the realisation of the Great Park in Collodi in 2020.

The road show starts in Florence, the first stop of the tour. Pinocchio has represented Tuscany in EXPO 2015, and will increasingly be an attractor for Tourist Destinations of Excellence. The whole development of our journey will be aimed, together with institutions, tourism actors and educational policies, at promoting innovation and wellbeing in Tuscany, high-quality tourism and European citizenship. We have created a task force to develop, after Florence, the other stages of the trip.


In Florence, we will present a great, charming and magical attraction, but we are moving on, and the Metamorfosi lab constantly does researches to make the event more attractive in the territories it will reach, in Italy and around the world. Videomapping, augmented reality, events and workshops for young people/schools/families, together with a new conception of Games will be promoted, as living instruments of good and responsible citizenship.


The innovative format, which presents Pinocchio and his friends to the general public worldwide, has these features:

– it lasts at least 20 days;

– it needs an outdoor/indoor space of at least 300 square metres in a busy position (central square, near a tourist point, etc).

For more information about a possible stop of the road show in your city, please contact Laura Caso: – Mob. 0039 334 2683982