What to see

Visitors to the House of the Writer enter a dark room, which comes alive with the most innovative forms of videomapping. It is an immersive space where characters coming in bring strong emotions and surprise.

Mangiafuoco fires the room up; flames and burning ashes soak it, the Fairy moves in an enchanted forest, the Cricket tries in vain to be listened by Pinocchio.

Carlo Lorenzini himself presents the characters behind his messy desk and it seams, as everything in the room, that he is actually alive. Atmospheres and dreams get children and adults involved, surprising them with unexpected dialogues, and with interactions among holographic characters appearing suddenly behind a book, peeking from scrolls or from a virtual window.

The magic in the story will give Carlo Lorenzini’s characters, as revisited by Metamorfosi, a new life, leading them to a relationship with the young people of the third millennium and the Global Network of taste, friendship, positive messages linked to contrition, wonder, complicity, empathy.