The Steps

17-20 September 2015
The event in Bari, BABI, BAri BImbi

After the huge success in Largo Annigoni, Florence, the roadshow of Pinocchio went to Bari to become one of the protagonists of BABI – BAri BImbi. BABI is an educational exhibition for children, a learning and training event that took place in the 79th Fiera del Levante in Bari from 17 to 20 September 2015.

At the Pavillion 20, Stand 35, the staff of Metamorphosis entertained young visitors with games, educational activities, learning workshops, souvenir photo and much more, anticipating what the 2020 Great Park will be.

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18 July – 9 August 2015
The event in Florence

In Florence, in Largo Annigoni, you will get the excitement of a never-seen Pinocchio. A spectacular immersion in the magic effects that Metamorfosi has created with the help of the best scenography and videomapping professionals. When you get in, everything vibrates, surrounds you, and overwhelms you. You will find new characters and a surprising new story. Atmospheres and dreams for children of all ages.