The Development

The road show will develop, stop after stop, adding upon request new spectacular attractions consistent with the outlook and the “trailer” of what will be the Great Park in 2020.

The House of the Writer will be enriched by a show pace, with Mangiafuoco’s bandwagon as a great stage, looming menacingly on the spectators; an exciting and suggestive context, a point of animation where you can build and colour Pinocchio, taking home a personalized and unique souvenir. Through augmented reality, visitors will be able to interact with the pop-up book: being in a Tuscan landscape, the scenery will change through the pages moving under their feet, giving the sensation of escaping and losing balance. Characters will begin to appear, as in an actual pop up book, and every time there is a change of the page, the effect and the setting will change as if the book was alive: Tuscan hills will give way to the sea, to Mangiafuoco’s circus, to wonder and amazement.

Lo sviluppo_B Lo sviluppo_c