Indoor Park

Rendering _ parco indoor

The Indoor Park starts off by 2017

– will involve 20 millions euro of investments
– will guarantee employment for 300 people, 60/70 direct
– will receive 250-300.000 visitors per year


The ex Panigada paper factory’s acquisition will allow the Indoor Edutainment Park to open in the heart of Collodi; located in a nineteenth-century building that has existed since the times of Carlo Lorenzini. The magic of the park will increase with the atmosphere being the same as where Pinocchio originated and lived. The Indoor Park will receive 250/350.000 visitors per year, it will occupy 60/70 resources in a stable way and it will generate 20 million dollars in investments.

The Metamorfosi SPA vision has the purpose to create a strong destination identity for the Valdinievole and Lucchesia areas, with the collaboration of the Development’s Stakeholder. The project is congruent with plans of governance of the Tuscany Region. For this reason, connections with the territory will be increased, making available private/public collaborations.

The project has the ambition to challenge the great international attractors of the Pinocchio Edutainment (a famous international brand) which is the task of ambassador of Tuscany. Pinocchio brand knows how to compete in the world of creativity, design, technology and new models. A creative workshop, where nature will be the main will be the main protagonist and an innovation element. The entertainment park will make Tuscany the region of excellence in domestic tourism and good living.

A large space, in collaboration with cultural and educational institutions, will be needed to get young children, schools, educators, and families involved in social participation projects, horse rides among the touristic and social marketing, and entertainment and educational means. The purpose is creating young children/schools/families workshops and a new concept of games as good citizenship means.