The Society

Metamorfosi centres its mission on the historic territory of Collodi, where the writer Carlo Lorenzini gave life to the character that would become the most popular symbol of fairy tales in the world: Pinocchio.

The main aim is the promotion of the famous puppet and his adventures. The governance of Metamorfosi works every day with a well-defined vision, which has as its primary objective the construction by 2020 of the Great Park Edutainment around Pinocchio.

Pinocchio, born in 1881, will be projected into the third millennium with a new life, through appropriate projects and strategies to propose it as a means of entertainment and education, as a symbol of the tourist Destinations of Excellence in its territory, Tuscany, Italy.

Thus, with the aim of creating a Great Park that, from 2020, will attract three million visitors a year and will employ two thousand people, Metamorfosi has realised in a few months the redesign of Pinocchio and of the characters of the tale; it has defined, with the help of the best designers, strategies and instruments for its internationalization; it has developed a network of relationships at regional, national and international level to start developing and creating a network of all attractors. Metamorfosi intends to consolidate, within this year, public and private partnerships to develop this prototype quickly, starting from the current attention on Italy thanks to the international Expo and the special Jubilee.

The dream of a new Pinocchio as a testimonial of creativity, ability to innovate, culture and the Tuscan Network, is now at hand.

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